Power Bag and Film, LLC.

Manufacturers of a Full Line of Stretch Films and Poly Bags Available for Automated and Hand-Applied Formats.

Box Liners for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications Shrink and Non Shrink Pallet Covers Bundling Films

Poly Tubing Furniture and Mattress Bags Mattress Films Can Liners Lamination Film

Specialty Printed Bags (in Flexography or Process Print, Up to 8 colors) Anti-Static BagsAutomated Bags

Cushion Bags / Air Bags Custom Print Poly Bags Drum Liners Eco-Friendly Bags FDA Approved Bags

Gaylord Liners. If You Don’t See It. Just Ask!


We Care About Our Planet

At Power Bag and Film we believe it is important to design packaging for recyclability. We evaluate the packaging we manufacture for recyclability based on the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability as well as recycling maximize the recyclability of our packaging.